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For You. & You know who you are. (W)

If you reading this you know who you are…

You won, but that’s okay. You only won because of that baby.

Without her he would’ve still been coming home to me….

You know exactly what to say & what to do, to get his attention….

But, that doesn’t matter you can never do what I did for him…There’s a reason he bitched about you…

I may be hurt, but I am glad, i am not in your trap anymore. You got your way. I am going to  choose to believe God has a better person for me out there…Someone who doesn’t allowed himself to get manipulated., and know how to make decisions for themselves.

His lost himself in your mistake because you made it that way.

If you want a nigga in that condition by all means…it won’ last.

& if it does its only because he feels an obligation as a father not for you….don’t ever get that shit mistaken for a minute. Not even when he says he misses you or his eyes. A face can be deceiving….

That’s all i got to say. With that being said, I wish nothing but the best for you…

&As for you…(M)

I loved you & i always will, with all my heart and soul. Don’t ever forget that. But, your going to get what you deserve. Everybody does at some point…Bless Your heart.